Nobody likes to find out about errors from the customers themselves. The ripple effect of churn from a single user interaction is crucial to an organization. For Spring Developers, capturing errors early on in your application is important as it’s a popular framework for enterprise application.

Join us to learn how to get started with a sophisticated Error Monitoring with simple integration for Spring apps. Learn key benefits, installation guidelines and configuration tips on Error Monitoring for Spring.

In this webinar we will review:

  • Market Overview
  • Introduction to Error Monitoring for Spring Apps
  • How to get started with Rollbar for Spring
  • Key Features Overview
  • Live Q&A 

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Smart Error Monitoring for 

Spring Developers


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

12:00 PM PDT.

Meet Our Technical Speakers

Vijay Selvaraj

Growth, Rollbar

Introduction to Error Monitoring