How to Improve Code with AI-Assisted Workflows

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Part 1 - Watch It Ondemand


  • How to use automated workflows to minimize the manual effort needed to find and fix errors
  • Why machine learning-based grouping gives you error signals you can trust
  • How to start continuously improving your code, instead of just fixing it

Today, every company is a software company. But not enough are actually paying attention to their code, creating unhappy users, unhappy developers, and an inability to innovate. Instead of dealing with errors and bugs by investing significant engineering resources into tools that only monitor application infrastructure, developers need a solution that lets them be proactive, instead of reactive.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

Learn how developers can start taking automated actions for discovering, predicting, and remediating errors—before they reach users.

This Sessions Speakers 

David Woller

Solutions Engineer, Rollbar

Lubos Parobek

VP of Product Management, Rollbar