Rollbar Toolkit for Kubernetes

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We’re announcing the first tool for our Rollbar Toolkit for Kubernetes, our integration with Prometheus and Weaveworks Flagger to enable smarter automated progressive deployments. Now, you can automate decision making for progressive deployments of new code versions using Rollbar data on unique new and reactivated errors. This AI-assisted workflow makes sure your customers always see the best possible version of your product while you improve your code based on the error information.

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  • Lower risk deployments
  • Reduce manual effort and mistakes
  • Resolve critical errors faster with a clear signal on errors impacting deployments

With Rollbar, you can now pause a canary rollout the instant a new escaped bug appear, without requiring that every known bug has been fixed. Whether you’re using canary, blue-green, or rolling deploys, you can use this solution to augment your progressive delivery pipeline. 

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